of global greenhouse gas emissions are emitted from farm to fork


on average of freshwater withdrawal is used for agriculture

of global food production is lost or wasted

The global food system today has a huge impact on the environment. It is time to change our approach to food, climate and health, and to create a resilient food system that is healthier for people and the planet. All of us can contribute toward this goal.


In this page you can find and download useful resources to:


  • improve your awareness on the relationship between food, climate and health
  • become an active promoter of sustainable and healthy menus and diets
  • communicate and disseminate science-based information on these topics.



This report demonstrates how chefs can lead the work to influence policy makers at local, national and regional levels to deliver the Farm to Fork strategy, the biodiversity strategy and the Green New Deal and create a sustainable food policy across the EU. The Farm to Fork Strategy aims to accelerate our transformation to sustainable food systems and ensure that everyone has access to sufficient safe, nutritious and sustainable food. Chefs will be key to this change.

They can transform the food system whilst providing people from all walks of life with diverse, healthy and delicious food that is suitable for all income groups.

To this end the Climate Smart Chefs Vision has been created in collaboration with experts from across the hospitality industry, civil society, education and government. They have come together  through a series of workshops held between October 2022 and June 2023 to develop a set of guidelines that will enable the delivery of the 2030 Vision. The Vision 2030 and guidelines are aimed at decision-makers at EU level to input into future policies on food and climate change.

How can chefs help to save the planet 

Best practices and recommendations to put sustainability in action in the restaurant sector


In this report, chefs can find a set of recommendations to guide them on their journey to put sustainability into action every day. The recommendations are the result of the research and analysis done within the initial phase of the LIFE Climate Smart Chefs project, which map the best practices to foster food sustainability through restaurant activities throughout EU. The report is aimed at chefs, restaurant owners, chef trainers, menu development chefs, and restaurant and catering companies who want to play an active role in moving the food sector in a more sustainable direction.

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