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For everyone involved in the world of hospitality, to be part of the Life Climate Smart Chefs project is an opportunity to make a concrete and sustainable action for our planet. A meal, its ingredients, and also a more conscientious lifestyle, can give every one of us the power to create change on a daily basis.

The Network of Life Climate Smart Chefs is made up of chef associations, restaurants, hotels and caterers who will engage in the fight against food waste, reducing carbon emissions and water consumption, and create gastronomic experiences that do not focus only on exceptional taste, but also on ecological, economic and social sustainability.

Our Network:

The advantages for participants in the Network of Life Climate Smart Chefs are:

To participate in informative webinars and Q&A meetings with experts and professionals in the restaurant, technological and scientific sectors.

To take part in the high-level courses at ALMA – the School of Italian Culinary Arts.

To adopt new technological tools for creating sustainable gastronomic experiences, like the Climate Smart Menu Tool.

To participate in the Life Climate Smart Chefs Award.

To receive the official newsletter of the project, where you can find updates and events related to the project.

Change does not happen on our own or straight away, it happens every day and with the help of everyone!


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